The main objective of this project is the creation, operation and full development of a cluster in the field of mineral raw materials. This collaborative innovation scheme seeks the cooperation of enterprises that are directly or indirectly active in the production of raw materials. In addition, by collaborating and taking advantage of the experience and know-how that the participants own, as well as their complementarity, the cluster aims to develop new innovative production processes but also innovative products, thus contributing to their technical, economic and environmental adaptation to a sustainable circular economy model. The partnership will benefit the competitiveness of its members, both nationally and internationally, while it consist a core of transfer of know-how and innovation between all members of the raw materials supply chain and at the same time will contribute to establish rules and provide advice on issues regarding raw material management to state institutions. The activities of the partnership enhance the social impact by contributing to the creation of “zero waste societies” and the implementation of the Strategic Goals for Sustainable Development as dictated by the European Union and set by the UN. In addition, the partnership will actively support the creation of new jobs both during and after the end of its funding.

The cluster aims to involve and collaborate with University and Research Institutions, social and corporate bodies, as well as Public Administration bodies, thus strengthening the links of the Society-Production-Research triangle in terms of raw materials.

Structure and Functionality of the collaborative scheme

Η δομή του συνεργατικού σχήματος και το εν δυνάμει πρότυπο επιχειρηματικό μοντέλο συνεργασίας και ανάπτυξης τους παρουσιάζεται στο επόμενο σχήμα.

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