Industry 4.0

In the rising of the 4th industrial revolution which represents the digitalization and automation of traditional industrial production lines, the new challenges and opportunities for companies and economy have been multiplied. GRawMat contributes in the development of strategic plans facilitating the gradual transition of industries and collaborating enterprises from the mining and metallurgy sector into Industry 4.0 with the aim to enhance competitiveness in national and international level. The implementation of such actions is realized by the recording of existing operation conditions, the design of a roadmap for digitalization and optimum transition to the Industry 4.0 concept and the pilot application of relevant technologies in the production line.


Sustainable development in the mining sector is generally focused in the improvement of economy indices based on the principle of maximum supply of raw materials from the environment with minimum disturbance of natural equilibrium. Any action towards support of sustainability in mining and metallurgy industries, involves the design of a methodology framework and quantitative indices for the efficient monitoring and evaluation of working practices through interaction with participating stakeholders. GRawMat undertakes integrated studies for the determination of sustainable processes, life cycle analyses on the production stages and investigation of synergy possibilities between the companies of the sector.


GRawMat supports unified strategic alliances and expertize exchange between companies from the mining and metallurgy sector highlighting complementary and synergy characteristics. Owed to the accumulated experience of its members, GRawMat offers specialized training in fields such as adoption of good industrial practices, knowledge patenting and incorporation of novel technologies. In addition, organizing of events, promotion workshops, scientific conferences and innovation competitions addressed to companies staff members and students of departments relevant to raw materials exploitation, provides the opportunity to gain personal skills on applied processes and knowledge expansion in rising technologies adoption.


GRawMat undertakes strategies for finding investment resources for the development of high technology infrastructures and novel processes as well as the implementation of research and innovation actions by accessing local and E.U. funding programs. In this frame, GRawMat conducts research and investment proposals, search of proper partners and administrative and technical supervision during projects implementation.

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