The 4 pillars ofGRawMat


EcoResources is the facilitator of the cluster



An experienced group of enterprises and universities



The main operating committees of the cluster



Dynamic networking model of enterprises and bodies


EcoResources is the facilitator of the GRawMat cluster

EcoResources, a knowledge-based startup company, has the role of GRawMat’s coordinator starting from the initial consolidation of the founding partners and expanding to registration of new members, with the aim to strengthen and creating of a dynamic cooperation. The facilitator formulates the general directions, vision and strategy of GRawMat, in terms of the preparation and implementation of a joint action plan.


An experienced group of enterprises and universities


– Hellas Gold
– Grecian Magnesite
– Stone Group
– Mathios Refractories S.A.
– North Aegean Slops S.A.
– Aegean Perlites S.A.
– LAVA Mining & Quarrying S.A.


– Laboratory of Metallurgy | National Technical University of Athens
– Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Technology | Department of Chemistry | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


The main operating committees of the cluster

Each company-member of the GRawMat has appointed two representatives to participate in cluster’s structure. The sum of these representatives constitutes the Plenary Session of the Innovation Cluster from which the Steering Committee is formed. In addition, a Scientific Board, consisting of distinguished scientists (mainly academics but also members of research and development departments of companies) was formed being divided into thematic sections related to Raw Materials’ science and technology. The Scientific Board operates under the Scientific Officer and its members are selected after the recommendation of the Scientific Officer and the approval of the GRawMat’s Plenary Session.


Dynamic networking model of enterprises and bodies

GRawMat is a step towards extroversion of raw material companies with an organized structure, vision and strategy. In addition, GRawMat is not just a network of companies operating in the raw materials sector but a dynamic organization that will promote entrepreneurship and deliver work. In essence, it will be a “strong brand name” of quality services and products.

The objectives of GRawMat under the EU Broad Innovation Strategy are:

• The mobilization of a significant number of actors
• The formation of a defined framework of cooperation between them
• The constant communication and interaction of its members Encouraging creation of new businesses
• The introduction of participating Media in an acceleration phase
• The introduction of innovative research as a lever of influence on the economy of regions
• The formulation of an internationalization strategy

Εγγραφή στο Cluster
International Conference on Raw Materials and Circular Economy
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