EcoResources is a private research and development company based in Thessaloniki, Greece. EcoResources provides integrated services and sustainable solutions in the fields of chemistry, geochemistry, geology, agri-food, engineering, biotechnology, nanomaterials and pharmaceuticals. The company was founded in 2018 with the visions to strengthen the links between high-level research organizations and private/public stakeholders and to provide scientific, technical, financial and managerial expertise for the implementation of projects.


The company Hellas Gold, which operates in three mining centers (Stratoniou, Olympiada and Skouria in Halkidiki) for the exploitation of sulfur minerals for the production of concentrates of lead, zinc, but also gold concentrates of chalcopyrite and arsenopyrite. Nowadays, the company produces only galena and sphalerite concentrates which are sold abroad. However, both for the current production and for the fulfillment of the future plans and commitments, the company will have to face many challenges regarding production improvement and, also, exploitation and management of the final products as well as the corresponding waste. Examples are the development of an innovative method for the recovery of elements/trace elements, such as antimony (Sb), contained in both the galena concentrate (with parallel removal of As) and its waste (enrichment residues) produced during the treatment of mixed sulfide ores in area of Olympiada and Stratoni in Halkidiki. Due to the presence of antimony (and As) the buyer of the condensate imposes a financial penalty, although Sb has been designated by the European Union as the 2nd critical element after rare earths. However, with the successful removal of the antimony from the concentrate and its recovery in a marketable form, on the one hand the purification of the raw material and on the other hand a great direct economic benefit from the sale of the antimony is achieved, thus contributing to the conservation of natural resources and protection of the environment and of course in accordance with the concept of the circular economy since all useful/valuable components are recovered from a specific raw material. The use of mining waste, such as supernatants, sterile and mineral enrichment wastes (backwaters) produced at Hellenic Gold facilities, other industrial facilities (such as cement production) or in the construction sector (paving materials, stoneware, etc.) is also a challenge for the company, as laboratory tests have shown that they meet the existing relevant specifications, thus contributing to the conservation of natural resources while reducing the environmental footprint from the disposal of waste.

MYTILINEOS is one of the leading industrial companies in the country, in the fields of Metallurgy, EPC Projects, Electricity and Natural Gas Trading. Its diverse business activity is a driving force for the Greek economy, with a remarkable presence internationally. The Company was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange in 1995 and participates in the FTSE 25 high capitalization index. MYTILINEOS is an internationally competitive entity in the field of EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction). MYTILINEOS undertakes and implements, through the brand name METKA, integrated energy projects from design and supply to their construction and achieves an unprecedented penetration in foreign developing markets, while carrying out projects in the markets of Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa as one of the most important Greek export companies. Today, the Company holds a leading position in the field of Metallurgy through the name ALUMINUM OF GREECE, which is the largest vertically produced producer of aluminum and alumina in the European Union. The consolidation of MYTILINEOS in the Electricity market is a key goal and an important challenge. The competent business sector under the name PROTERGIA brings together the management of all fixed and energy activities of the Company. Today the Company is among the leaders of the private initiative in the field of electricity and is the largest independent producer of electricity in Greece. The Company’s activity in the Energy sector is strengthened through the gas trading sector on competitive terms. The Company’s Natural Gas Trading Department has secured natural gas on competitive terms, enabling it to enhance the Company’s energy assets, while achieving remarkable organizational development. The dynamic business development of MYTILINEOS is inextricably linked to the principles of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development. The sustainability policy of the company is based on the harmonious coexistence of its activities with the needs of the societies in which it operates. In this context, MYTILINEOS actively supports important initiatives in the field of Culture, Education and Environmental protection.

The company ELLIMET – HELLENIC METALS SA, is the mining owner of the final concessions in the area of Kozani-Grevena. Mining research has started, initially for the areas of Aetoraches, Rizo and Moutsara, with the aim of expanding to other mining sites, such as Koursumia, Kerasitsa, Voidolakka, Kokkinodromo, Xerolivado. Depending on the type of deposit and the depth of its occurrence, the corresponding exploitation will take place (surface or underground).

GEOELLAS Α.Μ.Μ.Α.Ε. is a Greek company active in the field of industrial minerals, with the aim of exploiting one of the largest reserves of attapulgite and saponite in Europe. After extensive geological research, GEOELLAS has recorded and currently owns the exploitation rights for these deposits. The modern clay processing unit of GEOELLAS is located in the region of Grevena, close to the company’s quarries, so as to facilitate the integrated production of final industrial products (mining, processing and sacking). The operation of the plant and the sales started in the second half of 2004 with a primary emphasis on technical products. Most of the products are already exported to Europe, Asia and South America. GEOELLAS products include fertilizers and agrochemicals, general use industrial absorbents, decolorizing soils, cat hygiene sands, animal nutritional supplements, soil additives, materials for use in molecular filters, technical products for environmental applications, anti-caking agents, gel materials / thickeners and more. Its commitment to innovation is proven by the modern technological infrastructure of the Research & Development department, as well as our well-trained scientific staff. GEOELLAS has invested significantly in the development of new products and is determined to continue to follow this direction.

Grecian Magnesite (founded in 1959) are among the leading producers of magnesium in the world and hold the position of the second largest exporter in Europe. The main deposits of the company as well as its facilities are located in Halkidiki, while its deposits in Evia are also significant. The company also owns deposits and facilities in Turkey (100% of Akdeniz Mineral). The company’s facilities are a unique and original production process that brings together almost all the available methods of mineral enrichment and firing to final magnesium oxide products with desirable chemical and physical properties that cover a very wide range of applications. The company has been a world leader in the development and installation of enriching photometric and magnetic separators while it has the know-how in the decomposition and sintering of magnesite in rotary and vertical furnaces to produce materials with specific physical characteristics. Caustic magnesias are used in the production of magnesium compounds, magnesium cements, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, fertilizers, environmental applications, catalysts, plastic additives, etc., while the bipyres in heating elements, tanning, adhesive mixtures, refractory masses for the steel industry, etc. The company’s Research Center provides the ability to design new products, study applications, characterize materials and provide technical support to customers while holding significant experience in executing funded Greek and European research projects and several self-funded projects. Sustainable development and the circular economy are integrated in the company’s policy and implemented through activities such as:

  • Utilization of old stocks and mining waste (Old tailings).
  • Utilization of by-products of mining and other activities (e.g. desulphurisation).
  • Participation in research projects aimed at reducing CFP (e.g. CCU and others).
  • Investigation of technologies that reduce the use of fossil fuels in industrial processes.
  • New enrichment procedures aimed at improving the quantity and quality of the extraction of the useful ore.

MARMOR SG A.E. (distinctive title Stone Group International) was founded in 1981 in Thessaloniki. The continuous development and reinvestment of its funds, resulted, in the year 2000, to transfer its production and commercial activity in Kavalari, region of Thessaloniki, to a privately owned site of 84,000 sqm with state-of-the-art facilities and the most complete marble processing equipment in Greece. The company currently covers an expanded portfolio of activities, such as:

  1. Mining, marketing and processing of marble and granite.
  2. Manufacture and sale of fireplaces and various works of art from marble and granite.
  3. Trade of building materials.
  4. Building constructions.
  5. Export/Import of all the above mentioned services.

Marmor SG follows all relevant certification procedures and environmental legislation. The company’s research activity today focuses on optimizing the quality of its products, services and utilization of its by-products individually or in partnership with other enterprises. The main goal is the application of specific research activities in objects related to the improvement of services, products and the adoption of a circular economy model (e.g. waste utilization, improvement of resins used in production, new quality control systems, etc.) something that can lead to the creation of innovative services, exploiting new relevant economic opportunities and strengthening its position in the global marble market. Major construction projects around the world require unique specifications. For this reason, he has set up a team consisting of civil engineers, architects and specialized staff, in order to meet the requirements and needs of major construction projects internationally. Gaining extensive experience as a supplier of materials in international construction projects all these years, it has adopted a model of design, control and monitoring of all phases, in order to deliver the project at the requested deadlines, always meeting high quality standards. This allows the marbles to be specified in collaboration with the architectural community, thus enhancing international collaborations. The staff of the department interprets 2D & 3D architectural plans in various forms, makes detailed estimates for the cost of preparation (in materials & processing), creates and manages cutting lists, and provides support in all kinds of technical issues.

The group of companies MATHIOS Refractories S.A., which has been established in the international market, has as main objective the production and manufacture of refractory materials, production of handmade decorative stone and marketing of building materials. MATHIOS Refractories SA was founded in 1880 and is already in the third century of its work. Having already 140 years of experience in industrial and construction materials, refractory and acidic constructions, it is nowadays one of the biggest production, commercial and construction entities of its kind and the only one in Greece. It has modern privately owned production units in Aspropyrgos, Chalkida and Bulgaria. Thanks to the constant search of the Research and Development department for new materials and innovative products, to the specialized and continuous training of the staff, the production dynamics but also to the vision of further development and modernization, the company has established itself as one of the biggest manufacturers in European. The products are already exported to 47 countries worldwide with the competitive advantage of providing integrated solutions and services to customers. Its name is today identified with quality and innovation, constantly at the center of modern technological developments.

NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS SA was founded in 1998 and since then provides a wide range of operations and services related to the environment, waste, ports, industry, shipping , transport, roads, earthworks, etc. NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS SA, along with a group of companies operating under a joint management, manages exclusively, with total leasing, seven vessels of different functions, while at the same time managing two companies (waste management and marketing of machinery / vehicles), of its own interests. This activity covers the entire Greek territory, while it is gradually expanding abroad (current cooperation in the Balkans and Northern Europe). The scientific training, the continuous education, the appropriate specialization and the accumulated experience of the staff constitute the background on which its activity is developed, in full accompaniment with its modern and constantly evolving material and technical infrastructure. In order to continuously improve the entire operating range, the company offering services are certified according to the standards ISO 9001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO 14001: 2015, SA 8000: 2014 and ISO 16304: 2013. A demonstration of company’s strong reliability and validity is considered the award granted to it in 2007 by the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, concerning its effective environmental practices and services in the field of waste management and marine protection. Guided by the constant monitoring of developments in the objects it serves, the company’s research activity is currently focused on optimizing its services and detecting additional entrepreneurial potential in the fields of waste management, mining and quarrying and pollution. The company believes that the application of specific research activities in the above objects can lead to the creation of innovative services and the exploitation of new related financial opportunities, contributing not only to its financial size, but also to the protection of the environment and the improvement of human quality of life.

Aegean Perlites SA was founded in 1994. It is a privately owned company that specializes in the extraction, processing and production of perlite ores. The company has leased from the Greek State the Northeastern edge of the uninhabited island of Giali. The island of Gialis is located between the islands of Kos and Nisyros in the southeastern Aegean, especially in the Dodecanese region. The surface leased covers an area of 428 acres and the long-term lease extends for several decades, an amount corresponding to reserves in excess of 75 million tons. The company has secured mining rights for about 11 million tons, with the possibility of expanding the mining area. Aegean Perlites SA currently has a production capacity of 250,000 tons per year. These quantities correspond to 1,250 tons per day for 200 days, in a single shift. Capacity is set at these levels in order to allow some flexibility and can be easily expanded to meet customer demand at any time. The company created the most suitable working conditions, in relation to the principles of good practice of the code for a sustainable development and the border individuality of the area. Regarding the accommodation of the staff, the best possible living conditions have been ensured by offering free daily meals by specialized staff. In addition, the company ensures that all safety rules are respected at all times and in this direction by regularly organizing staff safety exercises along with constant information on health and safety issues. Thus, it has achieved a zero-level accident account from the beginning. AEGEAN PERLITES SA has been awarded the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate since 2006. This confirms the attention that the company shows in the working conditions for continuous improvement. The space intended for the storage and natural drying of perlite products was created by excavation in stony perlite, instead of being constructed as a conventional structure, in order to blend harmoniously with the natural environment. In addition, thanks to the polycarbonate surfaces that cover the entire roof, the perlite dries naturally from the greenhouse effect. Thanks to the unique drying process described above, AEGEAN PERLITES SA contributes significantly to the reduction of air pollution, as otherwise we will have to use other means for the drying process that emit high levels of carbon monoxide and are generally very harmful to the environment. In addition, due to the aforementioned specific production process, significant energy savings are also achieved. In order to improve the working conditions of the staff, but also to eliminate any effects on the natural environment, AEGEAN PERLITES SA activated from the beginning, the process of road wetting. By applying this method, a significant reduction of the inhalable dust is achieved, which, in a different case, was created by machines and trucks. The crushing and sorting phase of perlite has evolved and is performed using only the natural moisture of the ore. This method does not generate dust or waste that could have a detrimental effect on the environment. In addition, this technique significantly improves the working conditions of the staff.

LAVA Mining & Quarrying was established in 1952 to operate the pumice stone Municipal Quarry located on Yali island to the north of Nissiros. The company was integrated into Heracles Group in 1977 and began expanding to new activities in 1980 by acquiring the Gypsum Quarry at Altsi, Sitia. In 1989, LAVA began to operate the pozzolana rock quarry in Milos, while the silica sand quarry on the same island started operating in 1996. In 2001, HERACLES Group becomes a member of Lafarge Group, present in 64 countries and worldwide leader in building materials. From 2002 until 2011, LAVA developed aggregates trading in its unit in Almyros, Volos.

Our company provides engineering and consulting services for Authorization, and Certification of products, for the protection the Environment and the Health & Safety to Companies, Associations, Organizations and Public services in Greece, EU and worldwide since 2009. Special services are provided also for extractive and metallurgical industries.
Eco-Efficiency Ltd combines the technical and scientific know-how with the expertise of the regulatory framework of the EU. Our basic philosophy is to offer integrated management services, beyond the traditional approaches, competitively priced goods that satisfy customer and at the same time improve quality and reduce the environmental and social impact of goods and resource uses. Our team comprises high caliber executives who, together, can deliver more than 60 years of combined experience in the Environmental, Health & Safety field and in the Supply Chain field. All of our consultants have an exceptionally high level of formal education. In addition, they have worked for a considerable amount of time in Corporations and Associations in Brussels, Germany, Greece and other countries and they are very much aware of the practical implications of the solutions they propose. This guarantees that you will be served with “down to earth” solutions to your questions and problems which are also practical for your company, instead of questionable “theoretical” proposals.


The National Technical University of Athens – Laboratory of Metallurgy (NTUA) belongs to the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Technology of the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering. The main activities of NTUA are training and research in all scientific areas concerning raw materials from production to final disposal processes, including recycling and reuse. But mainly it covers the scientific areas of export metallurgy, management and restoration of the environment, the development of new materials and the mathematical simulation of metallurgical processes. For at least the last 30 years, NTUA has made significant progress in the implementation of innovative research, development and experimental demonstration programs and has gained remarkable expertise and reputation in all areas of its research, as proved by the number of research projects it implements and the scientific publications of its members. The experience of NTUA in the management of innovation promoting networks is also extremely important, as it has coordinated two industry networks funded by the European Community, EUROTHEN (36 partners) and OSNET (50 partners), while participating in the NESMI and LIFETIME networks. Today, NTUA participates in all European initiatives for raw materials (European Innovation Partnership for Raw Materials, etc.) and coordinates the Regional Center for Raw Materials.

The Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Technology specializes in environmental technology with the application of physicochemical or biological treatment methods, in the technology of components separation from waste, in the recovery and removal of toxic metals from aqueous solutions, in the recycling / utilization of industrial by-products, as well as in the treatment of toxic industrial waste by the application of hydro-metallurgical, physicochemical or thermal methods. In addition, in collaboration with other laboratories, it specializes in the synthesis of single or two-phase materials from microscopy and chemical analysis. The experience of the Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Technology is reflected by several research projects inorganic raw materials and the characterization of the crystal structure, morphology, chemical composition and surface properties by X-ray methods, electron, that its members participated, such as “Mediterranean ECO Industrial Development (MEID)”, European Regional Development Fund and National Ministry of Economics, “MagWasteVal: Utilization of industrial mining waste in the production of innovative refractory products”, Research-Create-Innovate Action, EPAnEK and “INVALOR: Research Infrastructure for Waste Valorization and Sustainable Management” (MIS 5002495).

Coordination of actions

The Facilitator, in addition to the task of coordinating the actions, it will undertake to:

  • Inspire all companies, active in raw materials, to follow the common vision of sustainable exploitation of raw materials according to the principles of circular economy
  • Create an appropriate environment of cooperation where there will be mutual respect and trust between the members of GRawMat
  • Identify areas for action regarding technology development, use / reuse of raw materials and waste
  • Promote case studies of possible industrial coexistence
  • Coordinate initiatives to submit cooperative research proposals for the development of innovative methods and the production of new innovative products with the smallest possible environmental footprint, utilizing natural resources to the maximum extent.
  • Promote the principles of environmental management and sustainability
  • Facilitates access to knowledge and know-how
  • Disseminates information on good practices
  • Develop and implement the GRawMat development / expansion strategy
  • Develop strategic partnerships with relevant national, European and international bodies and organizations
  • Facilitates GRawMat members in managing members’ joint actions
  • Contributes to the development of business partnerships
  • Create a pole of excellence for raw materials
  • Inform GRawMat members and industry companies about modern technological, legislative, environmental, etc. developments in the industry
  • Educate GRawMat members on technical, administrative and environmental issues.
With all of the above, EcoResources is practically the catalyst for the development of innovation cluster and networking of its members, encourages the dissemination of knowledge especially from large to small enterprises, assists the implementation of synergies and the execution of innovative actions and the development of innovative products, so that, as an entity, it increases its dynamics on a technical / technological, environmental and economic level.


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