Through the Center of Excellence, the goodwill that will arise from the individual research results of the members of GRawMat will be utilized and the following will be achieved:
  • Faster and more efficient development of innovative products in the raw materials sector, increased levels of adoption of new technologies by enterprises in the sector
  • Development of human resources skills
  • Creating highly specialized jobs
  • Encourage new entrepreneurship by finding suitable financing tools (e.g. start-up funds, VCs, national and European funds)
  • Support for organizational and productive reorganization of members to promote innovation and certification of products and services
  • Strengthening business and other links between member bodies
  • Improved information flow
  • Strengthening local communities, the national economy and penetration in foreign markets

Interconnection of cluster members in an added value chain

The cluster in the raw materials sector will be an added value chain through the interconnection and interaction between its members. GRawMat, as a form of collaboration, invests in its members’ networking, value chain and knowledge chain. The formation of GRawMat was based on the “readiness” of its member companies which have a common understanding of the challenges they face from the external environment and the changes they need to make, their technological maturity (i.e. whether they are able to welcome and implement innovations), the commitment of their human resources for flexibility in change but also the equal participation of the members.
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International Conference on Raw Materials and Circular Economy
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