GRawMat aims to contribute to the sustainable and extroverted development of its member/enterprises as well as all the parameters of the value chain of the wider raw material ecosystem, in order to become a strategic sector for Greece. The analysis of the current situation has shown that the raw materials sector is very important at the level of national economy. In this context, the strategic aim of GRawMat is the innovation and development of industrial and scientific excellence in specific technological fields related to raw materials as well as the achievement of industrial coexistence in the context of the circular economy. Another priority of GRawMat is to acquire the necessary strategic extroversion as well as the critical number of members that will allow it to effectively utilize its innovative activities and to penetrate more in the domestic and international market. Means the networking environment provided by the cluster structure:
  • An environment of cooperation and trust is created between the members
  • Actions are implemented to solve technological problems
  • Members are encouraged to actively participate in joint actions
  • The strategic goal of the cluster is being implemented with the facilitator acting as a facilitation structure and a form of leader, that guarantees the common orientation of the members.
In the above context, the results and benefits from the development of the cluster are expected to be utilized through the creation of a Center of Excellence (a cradle of innovation) which will develop and coordinate pilot collaborative projects in high-tech areas with the aim of developing and promoting innovative products and processes in the raw materials sector in the international market. The Center of Excellence focuses on promoting collective learning in the raw materials sector, seeking the transition from a linear to a circular economy (reduction of waste of resources used in the production process, utilization of renewable resources, by-products and biodegradable and reuse of products, etc.). The Center of Excellence, in addition to the GRawMat member bodies, will be open to individual faculty members and University research teams with extensive research related to the subject of raw materials, which have the necessary know-how, human resources and infrastructure. Through the Center of Excellence, it is intended to utilize the added value that will result from the individual research results of the enterprises-members of GRawMat (indicative: innovative research methods/selective mining, ore enrichment, pyro- and hydrometallurgical processing methods, or processing methods materials and waste for the production of added value products for use in other applications, methods of use and utilization of the generated waste and treatment of the generated liquid and solid waste) and the following to be achieved:
  • Faster and more efficient development of innovative products in the raw materials sector
  • Increased levels of adoption of new technologies by companies
  • Development of human resources skills
  • Creating highly specialized jobs
  • Encourage new entrepreneurship by finding suitable financing tools (e.g. start-up funds, VCs, national and European funds)
  • Support for organizational and productive reorganization of member enterprises to promote innovation and certification of products and services
  • Strengthening business and other links between member bodies
  • Improved information flow
  • Strengthening local communities, the national economy and penetration in foreign markets
Τέλος, στον ΣΣΚ θα συμμετάσχουν και θα συνεργαστούν ενεργά Πανεπιστημιακά και Ερευνητικά ιδρύματα, κοινωνικοί και εταιρικοί φορείς, καθώς και φορείς της Δημόσιας Διοίκησης, ενισχύοντας με αυτόν τον τρόπο τους δεσμούς του τριγώνου Κοινωνία-Παραγωγή-Έρευνα σε θέματα πρώτων υλών.
“The strategic goal of GRawMat is to innovate and develop industrial and scientific excellence in specific technological fields related to raw materials as well as to achieve industrial symbiosis in the context of the circular economy.”

Benefits for cluster members and the local economy/community

  • Faster access to innovation through collaborations with research institutes and universities. The aim is to improve both the quantity and quality of the produced raw materials, primary or recovered from secondary sources, i.e. end-of-life products, industrial waste, waste and mining in urban areas and landfills.
  • Production of new raw materials. Participation in new projects for the conversion of industrial waste into raw materials for industrial utilization.
  • Increase productivity through the provision of specialized resources and access to information and knowledge.
  • Facilitate the application of new technology. Through collaborations and the dissemination of knowledge, companies are immediately informed about new technologies and are encouraged to adopt them.
  • Demand Attraction-Internationalization. Increasing penetration in foreign markets and attracting new customers.
  • Encouraging new entrepreneurship. Establishment of new businesses within the framework of the cluster which focus on selected markets or activities.
  • Creation of new jobs at local and regional level.
  • Improving the housing environment and infrastructure of local communities by allocating resources from the exploitation of mineral resources in their area. Continuous recording of the effects on the local communities and their thorough information.
  • The activities of the partnership enhance the social impact by contributing to the creation of “zero waste societies”.

Expected benefits

  • Compensate for the internal deficits of resources and skills of member enterprises through the dissemination of information and the development of knowledge due to networking.
  • Faster access to innovation through collaborations with Academic Institutions / Research Institutions.
  • Enhancing the extroversion of the Greek academic / research community through the implementation of basic and applied research in the field of raw materials.
  • Attracting demand-internationalization (increasing the penetration of the raw materials sector in foreign markets and attracting new customers).
  • Creation of new jobs in the member enterprises as well as new jobs of specialized personnel during the maturation stage of GRawMat
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